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A CFOs View to Localization

Localization from a CFOs point of view is a product development investment that allows you to sell your product to the global markets. fraber-consulting strives to provide you with all possible means to maximize the value that you can create by going international.

The key factors influencing the ROI equation are:

  • Initial investment
  • Time to market
  • Acceptance at the target markets and
  • Recurring costs
  • Transaction costs

Initial Investment

fraber-consulting has a very competitive pricing schedule. We are able to deliver high quality translations at a fair price due to our lean internal cost structure. We are maintaining internal staff where necessary and are working with an extended network of language professionals worldwide.

We will provide you with a fixed price offer for the entire project, covering all steps to reach the market with the localized product.

Time to Market

Our project management team is used to meet tight deadlines and is capable to optimize the time/cost tradeoffs of the localization project according to your preferences.

Most important, we are able to scale up the number of translators for your project while maintaining the efficiency and consistency of the process using our distributed translation memory infrastructure.

Acceptance at the Target Markets

fraber-consulting covers all language related aspects that affect the acceptance of your product at the target markets:

  • Marketing material
    Your marketing material needs to be translated at the highest quality level to create the illusion of a domestic product. This may include the identification and adaptation to culture specific needs different from the US.
  • Product packaging translation
  • Product localization
  • Product documentation translation

Our service portfolio also contains intercultural consulting to help you to understand the differences in values and mindset of your clients.

Recurring Costs

There are several optimization techniques to reduce the recurring costs of localization and related services during the lifetime of your product. Please see the CTOs View to Localization article for details.

Risk Sharing

We are dedicated to maximize the value that you can create by going international. For us this means taking an active stake in your business:

  • Tight relationship:
    We believe that optimization in the value chain will ultimately benefit all involved parties. For this reason we offer you to enter into a close partnership with us to minimize transaction and linkage costs.
  • Risk Premium:
    We are willing to work on a cost + risk premium base with you to share the risks and benefits of your internationalization process.
  • Flexibility:
    We are always eager to learn from our clients about their needs and to adapt our processes accordingly.