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Discover how easy it is to conquer new markets if you have the right partners. Contact us today, and we will provide you with a comprehensive set of material that introduces you to the specifics and pitfalls of the European markets.

About us

fraber-consulting is specialized in the needs of medium sized American software companies. Our goal is to help you create value by extending your business to Europe and to the rest of the word.

fraber-consulting consists of a team of interdisciplinary experts that covers all phases of an international expansion. In particular, our team is composed of

  • Business analysts
  • Intercultural Consultants
  • Software architects and localization specialists
  • Specialists in software processes & operations
  • Translators and interpreters


Our services are streamlined to support the internationalization process of software companies. We are maintaining a network of in-house staff and subcontractors to cover a broad range of activities and services:

  • Strategic Consulting:
    We analyze the European markets for you, identify your competitors, potential partners and "low hanging fruits". All of our business analysts hold MBA degrees from leading European business schools and speak at least 3 languages.
  • Intercultural Consulting:
    We train your executive team to building up the awareness necessary for you to meet the challenges that you will face outside the US. We can help you to select staff for your European offices and our interpreters can accompany you on important meetings to make sure you won't miss any detail.
  • Software Localization:
    Our localization unit includes over 180 translators, covering all major European and Asian languages. We can provide you with detailed time and prices estimates, working on a fixed-price base.
  • Multilingual Software Architecture:
    Streamline your development processes and improve your product cycles by incorporating a multilingual architecture into your software. We can show you how.
  • Localization Planning:
    Our team of localization consultants and software architects analyzes your software and produces detailed proposals on how to adapt it to the global markets. The deliverables include a detailed project plan, cost and time estimates. We have demonstrated experience with a wide range of software architectures including current mainstream (Java, JSP, ...) and traditional (VB, C++, ...) systems. We can adapt quickly to different languages or architectures.
  • Process Consulting:
    Maintaining multilingual software and its documentation across version changes and updates if very difficult and requires a very specific set of processes. Please see the localization article for details.